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Boston, MA/ Stockholm, Sweden


Tomas Tranströmer receives 2011 Nobel Prize in Stockholm

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My trip to Paris in 2007 was the end of my trips to Europe. A visit with Monica and Tomas had been meaningful as they had become friends in both my life and imagination. At the Stockholm Writer’s Union in the garden, I sat with Anya on a bench and we talked about our mutual interest in the iconic American and Russian writers of our reading histories. She spoke of Anna Akhmatova, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, and Tolstoy. I spoke of the American fictioneers, late comers to the world stage of great literature: John Cheever’s short stories, T.S. Eliot’s remarkable poetry, William Faulkner’ novels, and the epic life and writing of Ernest Hemingway. As we talked the world around us expanded as literary angels looked down upon us and listened to our conversation. The sky above was busy towing its infinite, luminous blue cargo net of birds, clouds, human dreams, and sunlight towards the end of the day. We said goodbye and separated in two directions: I would return to America and Anya back to Moscow.

Inspired by the fullness of this trip on the way to the airport to fly to Paris, I suddenly wanted to sneak aboard a train and continue on a night trip to Portugal, to the capital city of Lisbon, to enjoy more Europe! Not less, but more Europe. Yes, the Portuguese and then the French! But I had been gone from America for an extended period, and many people and work were pulling me back home. Portugal would have to wait!

Steven Ford Brown