The Marx and Animals Project (Germany)


Dan Hartley and Ania Kawiecki


Dan Hartley is a singer-songwriter from Tamworth, England. He’s lived and studied the past few years in France, the Netherlands and Germany. He’s currently writing a Ph.D. in English Literature. His heroes include Bob Dylan, Terry Eagleton and Rowan Williams: wordsmiths and soul-makers all. Blue Kimono, his first solo album, was recorded after a year in Orléans in 2006, but he’s since made it available for free download (over at Last FM). He’s currently recording his new album – based on five years’ worth of material – which will be released in summer 2012.


Ania Kawiecki Peralta was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A to a Polish father and Spanish mother. At the age of 10 her family moved to Madrid, Spain, where she is now studying Veterinary Medicine. She hopes to have a debut album out at some point in 2012.


April and Silence

Spring lies desolate.
The velvet-dark ditch
crawls by my side
without reflections.
The only things that shines
is yellow flowers.
I am carried in my shadow
like a violin
in its black case.
The only thing I want to say
glitters out of reach
like the silver
in a pawnbroker’s.

Tomas Tranströmer


from  The Sorrow Gondola, Michael McGriff and Mikaela Grassl, Green Integer, 2010. Copyright 2010 by Michael McGriff and Mikaela Grassl.