Video Poetry

The “Blue House” prose poem by Tomas Tranströmer (Sweden)

“The Blue House” reading performance  of a poem by Tomas Tranströmer  by Louise Korthals, music by Tom Jönsthövel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011. Official Tomas Tranströmer website:

Produced and sponsored by The Lion Publishing Group LLP, Boston, Massachusetts. Copyright ©  2011 USA.


“Schubertainia,” a video poem by Tomas Transtromer (Sweden), filmed and produced by Robert Earle atBard College, UK


“Kyrie” by Tomas Tranströmer

Created and produced by Amrendra Pandey in Bengaluru, India

Amrendra Pandey is a research scholar and PhD in Molecular Physics at Raman Research Institute, India.

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